Gina Mele

Gina has been working with C-suite executives since 2007. She weaves her experience as a neurobiologist and academic researcher with eastern and holistic philosophies to create tools for corporate training.

Her unique offering lies in leading her clients to have immediate and direct access to their unconscious mind and best self, while moving beyond their limiting mindsets. Gina is a Co-Founder of UMAMI and has a graduate degree in systems neurobiology from the University of California, San Diego.

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Best Self


The Best Self of UMAMI is a core team member. As company leadership, Gina and Cecely have chosen to honour and resource the essence of our company. Every company or organization has its unique best self, essence or consciousness. One way to truly change corporate culture and systems, is to listen to a company’s wisdom and put its knowledge into action.

We regularly access the best self of UMAMI, using the QuickConnect tool to engage in this dialogue. The information gained from listening to this wisdom is utilized in daily company matters. This creates the highest level of integrity and transparency. When we choose to allow the essence of a company to shine and we listen to its wisdom, the world moves forward in love. UMAMI is a nexus for the renaissance of humanity. It is a source for universal change as humanity co-creates a new culture based in love.


Cecely A. Barneson

Cecely has dedicated her life in service to community and corporate transformation. For over three decades she has offered her creative approach of combining spiritual and business tools. This incorporates both the invisible and visible worlds for aligned, shared outcomes for people.

She provides “compassionate accompaniment,” listening and supporting clients on their journey of discovering their unique passions and life purpose. Through accompaniment, people discover a spiritually aligned approach to live their truth in all aspects of life. Cecely is an ordained Community Minister of Peace, corporate chaplain and Co-Founder of UMAMI. She has served in urban communities, global non-profits, Harvard Business School, Stanford University and Cisco Systems.