Corporate Training


Increase accuracy and efficiency with active listening and dialogue

UMAMI understands the source of effective communication begins with your mindsets and internal emotions. We teach you how to have conscious control of your unique resources, and create acumen and ease with your non-verbal communication skills.

UMAMI builds on its leadership and collaborative decision-making expertise to translate your inner personal tools to maximize your external expression by virtue of four forms of communication: silence, presence, verbal, and physical.


Create results... 80% aligned consensus with team decisions

UMAMI creates collaborative team alignment by guiding you to tune into your best self. By illuminating your conscious and unconscious thoughts, logic and creativity you magnify your and your team's potential. Collaboratively, this translates into a transparent and inclusive team who's awareness and focus consistently creates an aligned group consensus.


Lead from your whole self, with integrity, and inspire your team

UMAMI teaches you how to access your best self and lead from this place of abundant resources. Leaders who are happy from the inside out, who lead with integrity and trust their intuition, inspire others to be vested and motivated.