Corporate Tools

Let’s move forward!


Our seven tools…

1. Best Self
QuickConnect. Access your best self in 20 minutes.

UMAMI honors your best self. This is the part of you that is beyond your personality. It reflects the highest good for you and everyone. We teach you our in-house tool, QuickConnect, that trains you to purposefully stimulate your limbic system and prefrontal cortex, in sequence, to have immediate and direct access to your unconscious mind and best self. Move beyond limiting mindsets!


  • Use QuickConnect in team decision-making to create a result of 80% aligned consensus.

  • Create a two-way dialogue with your unconscious mind to practically utilize this wealth of information.

  • Enhance your immune system. Flood your body with the 7 neurochemicals of happiness:

    – Endocannabinoids: “The Bliss Molecule”
    – GABA: “The Calmness Molecule”
    – Dopamine: “The Reward Molecule”
    – Serotonin: “The Confidence Molecule”
    – Oxytocin: “The Bonding Molecule”
    – Adrenaline: “The Energy Molecule”
    – Endorphin: “The Pain-Killing Molecule”


2. Master Your Unconscious Mind

Create your “Ah ha!” moments on demand.

UMAMI sources from a number of research fields that are in their infancy, including: neuroscience, health and wellness-based scientific research and our understanding of human beings from a holistic perspective. The wealth, power and potential of the human brain and consciousness as a whole, is just beginning to be revealed. UMAMI understands the unconscious mind to be all of the information, wisdom and insights that one is not aware of in the moment, and yet has access to. The foundation of UMAMI’s training is purposefully accessing the unconscious mind and all of its resources, by using emotions such as happiness, joy, peace and love.


  • Experience trainings based in novel science.

  • Weave the creative, unconscious mind into your company.

  • Maximize your potential using your unconscious mind and best self.

3. Neuroscience

Learn how to engage your whole mind and access your intuition.

UMAMI values the importance of scientific rigor and the abundance neuroscience has to share regarding human behavior. The core principles of UMAMI are holistic. We create tools based on humans viewed from a lens of whole self, wellness and equilibrium. Traditionally, western science has focused on disease-based research and reductionism models. UMAMI asserts that now is the time to change this tradition and observe a human being as a whole, vibrant entity, grounded in emotions of love and mindsets of kindness. Imagine the energized corporate culture created as your teams work from this mindset and heart space.


  • Reignite your company’s mission and vision.

  • Use tools based in novel science, designed for your whole person.

  • Understand how neuroscience relates to you, your work and your team.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Create a company culture that is effective and empathetic.

UMAMI offers emotional intelligence training as a baseline, where you can explore and understand your emotional landscape. We build upon the QuickConnect tool to support your ability to experience a deeper understanding of what your emotions feel like in your body, thereby creating a map of their physiological sensations. Emotional intelligence is a core tool for communication, leadership and team decision-making.

Learn how to…

  • Enhance your performance and remain focused and calm. 

  • Read your emotional cues & purposefully choose your emotions in any situation.

  • Understand another’s emotional cues and relate with empathy.

5. Mindfulness

Learn mindfulness the easy way.

UMAMI views mindfulness as a normal place that all humans experience. Our body relaxes into a natural state of mindfulness with every in and out breath we take. Learn how mindfulness and meditation can be easily woven into your day. You don’t have to rearrange your schedule to make time for it, we offer baby steps. We find these baby steps are so rewarding that many choose to create space and time for regular practice simply because it gives them joy. 


  • Enhance your focus in 5 minutes or less.  

  • Lower stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine.

  • Learn mindfulness easily even if you consider yourself ADHD, or have difficulty focusing.

6. Choose Your Mindset

Permanently shift limiting mindsets in 20 minutes.

Choose Your Mindset is UMAMI’s most advanced tool. A level of trust, vulnerability and emotional intelligence creates a safe space for this tool. A non-invasive technique, it is a five-step process that reframes your neural pathways. It permanently shifts a fixed thought into one of choice — maximizing neural plasticity and collapsing time. The result is a shift in thought, belief or expectation from being fixed, into a growth mindset. This translates into you being responsive instead of limited and reactive. It gives you the choice to take an unconscious thought from a place of reaction, to a conscious, thoughtful response.

Shift these mindsets, and more, in 20 minutes per mindset…

  • Change is scary.

  • This is too hard to do.

  • There is not enough time.

  • Mistakes and failure are bad.

  • My manager/team doesn’t listen to me.

  • We don’t have enough money or resources.

7. Genius Gifts

UMAMI celebrates your innate genius!

UMAMI uses QuickConnect to access your passion and purpose by listening to your best self. We then incorporate these insights with aspects of your personality: a list of skill sets that you are good at and give you joy. This combination allows you to fully express your inner potential, creativity and lead from a place of integrity. Genius Gifts are your ability to access your best self as a source of graciousness, wisdom and passion. You then use this motivating force in harmonic collaboration with your personality and the skill sets that bring you joy. 


  • Create long-term, emotional buy-in when matching you with your ideal team.

  • Find a role in your company that makes you feel alive, and gives you room to grow and be challenged.

  • Create confident and integrous decision-making, without shame, when navigating team discord.